Pickle and Social Gwinnett features eight world-class indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, along with a variety of options to engage in the fastest-growing sport in the world. Each court is professionally made with true asphalt and dedicated nets with plenty of room to perform the around the post shot (ATP). Our indoor courts feature state-of-the art high output indirect lighting suited to provide a pleasing, non-glare playing experience.

Court Rentals

Non-Peak - $25 per hour

 Monday - Friday: Open - 4p.m.


Peak - $35 per hour

Monday - Thursday: 4p.m. - Close

All Day Sunday


Premium - $45 per hour

Friday: 4p.m. - Close

All Day Saturday

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Image Slide2 Link to Larger Image P&S Rendering
Image Slide3 Link to Larger Image Outside Rendering


Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport for three years in a row. It is a fun, social, and friendly, and the rules are simple. This game is easy to learn, developing into a fast-paced, competitive game for all to play. 


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scoring in pickleball
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